Cooking with Taleggio

Taleggio is an excellent cheese to savour on its own. It can be enjoyed as a second course dish, or at the end of the meal and in this case is wonderful with certain fruits, such as apples and pears.

Taleggio must be served at room temperature as this is the best way to truly appreciate its flavour and aroma. It’s not necessary to remove the rind, it’s sufficient to just wipe it off.

Taleggio also makes a wonderful addition to a number of first course dishes (pasta, risotto and soups), second course dishes (omelettes), salads and certain kinds of pizza and crêpes.

In fact, Taleggio is a really versatile ingredient because it melts easily and so is often suggested as an addition to any stuffing mix – thanks to the way it mixes so easily with other ingredients.
It also takes a lovely colour when grilled and so is often used for dishes which need to be finished under the grill.

Recipes using Taleggio PDO taken from ‘Piaceri da gustare’.

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