How to store Taleggio

Taleggio is a natural, living cheese, in fact, the ageing process continues right up to when it is eaten. For this reason, Taleggio must be carefully conserved in order to maintain its pleasant flavour, aroma and consistency.

Consumers are advised to buy a quantity of Taleggio to last from five to seven days in order to enjoy the cheese at its best – allthough it is possible to store Taleggio for longer periods. Taleggio can be stored safely in the fridge for weeks, between 0°C and 6°C, depending on how mature it is. It is best kept wrapped in a damp cloth, which ensures that the rind stays soft. Taleggio must be kept in the same wrapping in which it was sold, or at least in a breathable covering.

Therefore it must never be wrapped in plastic, as this stops the air getting to it and causes fermentation.