Consortium Protection Taleggio

The Consortium Protection Taleggio was set up in 1979, nine years before the Protected Designation of Origin classification (PDO) was officially recognised.

Today, members of the consortium include cheese producers, cheese ageing specialists and dairies, as well as over 80 companies which subscribe to and use the Taleggio brand on their packaging. The consortium works to safeguard Taleggio, improve quality and to promote its production and sale.

The main aims are:

  • national and international promotional activities;
  • activities to safeguard the Taleggio brand, ensure authenticity and maintain its traditional characteristics;
  • provide technical assistance to dairies, cheese producers and cheese ageing specialists and, finally, to run food education programmes.

Regarding its own activities, the consortium works in close collaboration with research institutes, universities, the Ispettorato Centrale della Tutela della Qualità e Repressione Frodi dei prodotti agro-alimentari (ICQRF) (the Central Inspectorate for Quality Control and Anti-Counterfeit of Agricultural Products and Foodstuffs) of the Ministry of Agriculture, Foodstuffs and Forestry Control, as well as other groups working to safeguard and protect similar products. The consortium also works with NAS, a branch of the Carabinieri who combat counterfeit goods.

The consortium has been part of the Alti Formaggi project since 2009. This association brings together several Lombardy cheese consortiums. The aim of Alti Formaggi is to come into active contact with more consumers, not only on-line, but through specific events and initiatives, educational programmes, information in schools and the promotion and endorsement of their products, including PDO and PGI foodstuffs.

Activities carried out by Consorzio Tutela Taleggio

The Consortium Protection Taleggio was set up in 1979 and oversees every stage of production of this cheese.

The most important activities carried out by this consortium, which works to promote Taleggio cheese, are to protect, endorse, promote and ensure genuine quality – which means overseeing all stages of production and sale, both in Italy and abroad.

Respecting rules and improving quality: these two ideas are the consortium’s twin foundations, which are ensured thanks to increasingly scientific checks.
Today, the consortium is working ever more closely with other similar groups to form a united front representing PDO and PGI products.